thursday spot: kavos virejai

Good evening friends,

let's get back to business with another coffee spot that I've visited not too long ago - Kavos virėjai. It's located in Pylimo street and offers a variety of drinks including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies as well as awesome croissant sandwiches and desserts.

I visited this cafe couple of times already and it didn't disappoint at all. I got to pick out my coffee beans and the barista described them perfectly, so I chose the right ones for my tastes. My boy had a flat white and he admitted that it was the best one he's had in town yet, which is a big statement for him to say - such a coffee snob he is. I also noticed that they now serve iced coffees there, which is amazing for summertime & they have the cutest tables to sit outside.

I remember coming there one Saturday afternoon when every single spot in town was buzzing with people and I was pleasantly surprised to find a table there. It became full while we were sipping on our drinks but the place didn't feel crowded at all. I can imagine it being a perfect spot to take your laptop and work while eating tasty sandwiches and drinking coffee. I'm actually planning on going there this Saturday to do just that, so if you fancy saying hello, you know where I will be.

See you again on Monday then with a new outfit post ! x