thursday spot: coffee in Amsterdam

Hey hey!

Getting back into cafe reviews here - who's excited? I know I am because this time I'll be talking about very cute coffee shops in Amsterdam. Since you all might know, me and my boy went there for a couple of days and we made it our mission to research and visit as many lovely cafe spots in town as possible. I guess I will start with my list & some pictures from them.

I'll start with the best one out there in my opinion. First of all, the interior was absolutely insane - I would to go there, sit in that amazing couch and work on my laptop. All the whites, greys and the marble completely stole my heart. The girl who served us was very lovely and a bit shy, which made me smile quite a bit, she was just the cutest! We had iced coffees there and payed 7.6€, which was a pretty standard for an iced latte in Amsterdam. Big thumbs up from both me & my boy, I think every aesthetic lover out there would love this place.

This is a cafe near the Fashion Institute, so there were quite a lot of students coming in the middle of the day on their breaks but despite the long queue we were served very quickly. It is a nice place for a quick bite of cake and some coffee if you are around in the area. Also, if you wanted to work on your laptop, they have a great inside area with some tables to sit. We ordered two lattes and paid 5.40€, which is a very similar price you'd pay here in Vilnius.

We went here to chill out before our bus to the airport since it was on the way there. To be honest, since this is not in the heart of the city I wasn't impressed with the neighbourhood. I didn't like it and I didn't have high hopes for this cafe - I simply thought it wouldn't be as pretty as in the Instagram pictures that I have researched before. Well, I have never been so wrong. The cafe is lovely, there is plenty of space to sit and work on your laptop or just chill out with your friends or alone (they had little corners for one person - super cute). I loved this cool atmosphere was kept despite all the 'kebab type of vibe' outside on the street. Even their outside sitting area looked super cozy, I really really liked it. We ordered one iced latte and a regular latte & paid 7€. Not the cheapest, but very good and strong coffee was served so nobody was complaining. They also have a selection of their own roasted coffee beans to buy as well as all the devices for different coffee brewing. I must admit, I have become a bit of a coffee snob lately and it's not enough for me to only have a french press now. I need the Chemex, Nel dip and all the others...

Quite a busy cafe before noon or at least that was what we have experienced there. However, the staff there was super lovely and I especially loved the fact that they let you pick your own coffee beans. I think that is extremely important since the coffee can taste very differently. I stuck to my chocolate-ey, nutty flavours of the Brazilian beans that I afterwards purchased (yes, they have their own roasted coffee and sell it there too!). What also was very interesting is that they have either black (espresso or filter) or white coffee (regular or short, which means that you get one shot of coffee but less milk in the short one) on the menu. I think that's genius considering that most of the cafes offer you 'lattes' & 'cappuccinos' while they bring a simple coffee with milk with a nice pattern on it (that way cappuccino and a latte doesn't differ, which is not how it's supposed to be). The most accurate name for that kind of cuppa is a white coffee, isn't it? I paid 2.5€ for it and it was the cheapest one that I have seen in such speciality cafes around Amsterdam but it was also one of the best cups I've had there too.

This was the first cafe that we entered when we just arrived to Amsterdam. It was found on Trip Advisor and in all honesty, I didn't think it would be the one I would highly recommend to people. However, when we came we were greeted by a lovely girl and a man, who later turned out to be the main chef and most probably the owner of this cafe. The place itself is very small so we decided to sit outside on a little bench. The street it is located in is extremely quiet, so it was a very peaceful hour when we had to enjoy home-made paninis (literally, the guy baked fresh ciabatta and made them himself) and some coffee. For two sandwiches, iced latte and a cappuccino we paid 18€. It's not the cheapest of places but we were full after and the quality of food, drinks and service made it all worth it. Highly recommend this place for chilling out and long conversations over coffee.

Lastly, there were a couple of places that we didn't get to go but if you have time - do it!

So this is it for today, see you next week with some snaps from the seaside in Nida. x