The Ordinary: is their skincare really so ordinary?

As promised in my previous outfit post, I wanted to write about a new skincare brand for me that I discovered not too long ago. You might already guessed, I’m talking about The Ordinary.
It is a fairly new skincare range/sub-brand that was brought out from French brand Deciem. The main thing about it is the fact that the products are extremely affordable yet they claim to work as good as most expensive serums out there. Did they really work? Read on and see!

I decided not to go overboard with purchasing every single thing, so I started small with three items - two serums & a toning solution. I won’t go all technical and pharmacy in this review, I simply want to share my expectations with these products and whether or not they were fulfilled. All the detailed descriptions about these products can be found on their official website and I highly suggest you read that as well before buying anything as everything is very informative.
FIY: I’ve been using the products for more than a month now.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: I ordered this with the hopes to combat pesky red and painful spots that I’ve been having on my face. I use it every morning as according to the information on the website, this cannot be mixed with an acid (which I use in the evening). It gives my skin a soft matte effect and I feel like it helps my foundation to stay on my face longer (I barely use powder these days). After a month of using this, I feel like my skin got better in terms of spots. I do tend to break out a little bit during that time of month, but other than that, I barely get those ugly red spots and the texture of my skin is quite smooth. However, I believe it is because of the other thing I am using. Let’s move on then, shall we?

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution: I ordered this one because Carolyne Hirons always raves about chemical exfoliators and how they are needed for smooth skin and also, for getting rid of those dead skin cells without tearing your little face apart. I have used Pixi Glow Tonic before, which is supposed to do all the things I mentioned above, but it’s more expensive than The Ordinary version. Anyway, cutting to the case here - I love this product and I highly believe that this gave me that smooth skin texture that I have been after for a long time. Score!

Advanced Retinoid 2%: Okay, so this was a freak out kinda purchase, because I read somewhere that you have to start thinking about anti-wrinkle treatments in your twenties and I haven’t been using any of that stuff. So, after some deliberations on which formula to choose and after looking at Sunday Riley’s offering, which claims to do wonders yet it costs an absolute fortune, I decided to go for this. Well now, I cannot really say that it does anything as I don’t have any wrinkles yet. However, I must say that this didn’t irritate my skin at all, which I was happy about after reading about serious skin reactions of retinoid products. The texture of the serum is really wet though, which I don’t really like, but I kinda got used it. I guess we’ll see how this goes and if I still write my blog in 5 years time, I’ll let ya all know if it worked haha.

All in all, I would like to say that I fell in love the brand not only because those pharmacy like bottles look so freakin’ cute on my bathroom shelf, but also, because these products really work and they don’t cost you half of your paycheck, which, in my opinion, is not so easy to find these days. I will definitely buy more from them & let you know if I like the other things as well.

The Ordinary is really extra-ordinary!