summer evenings at Trinity

I am a major foodie as you all might already know by now, but I never really experiment with food places. I have my favourite places for coffee, for breakfast, for pizzas and burgers, but that is basically it. It feels like there is always a new place in Vilnius, so it becomes hard to keep up with everything and you just end up going to the same old ones that you absolutely love. There is nothing wrong with that, let me tell you, but it is so refreshing sometimes to find a new place, which unexpectedly surprises you.

That is precisely what happened one summer evening (in June when it was actually warm!) when me and my boy ventured out to a new place (for us) in the city centre called Trinity. It is located in an old building where a monastery used to be years ago & they have quite an interesting concept of having dinner if you want to. First of all, you enter the outside terrace - that is very popular in the summer and I bet nobody really goes inside, but if you want to, really interesting things await for you there. Firstly, you enter the building and on the right you see an apperativo bar. It invites you to have a drink before you dine - they have all sorts of cocktails available and I really enjoyed a glass of apperol spritz as well! Secondly, you can go upstairs to have dinner. The venue is really spacious, I feel like you could throw quite a dinner party there as they can accommodate a bunch of people. We had our dinner on the outside terrace as it was pretty warm outside.

For starters I had shrimps and they were the best shrimps I have ever had. Even my boy, who doesn’t really like seafood wasn’t able to resist - they were simply wonderful. As you can see from the pictures, I was onto my second cocktail of the evening which was very similar to a pornstar martini - very sweet but still fresh, which I absolutely adored. I also think that the price of it was really good too - considering the size and the prices in other bars in Vilnius.

Secondly, we dug into our main courses. I took fried duck with pearl couscous & my boy ordered beef. I must say, the food was impeccable. The duck was a bit pink, which at first seemed odd to me, but the waiter kindly explained that it is the way it supposed to be cooked for that particular meal. I also found out that pearl couscous is one of my favourite side dishes - loved the texture of it and it went perfectly with the duck. The boy was also really happy about his beef choice. All in all, we both enjoyed our meals and the only thing I could say about it is that I wish there were a bit more vegetables on the side, but apart from that - 10/10!

Lastly, to experience all that Trinity can offer we went to the second bar (on the left when you walk inside) which opens around 9pm. That bar offers a different type of cocktails, they are much heavier, definitely something to have after dinner and enjoy during the whole night as they are open until early morning! I am not the one who likes drinking in general, so for me the cocktails were a bit too strong, but the actual taste of them was amazing. The bartenders there really know what they are doing, you don’t even need to look at the menu because they will either make a custom drink according to your tastes or advise you on what you might like!

In general, I must admit that Trinity really impressed me not only in terms of food and drinks, but also, about the staff. They were all extremely friendly, even though the terrace was full of people when we were having dinner and they were feeling under pressure for sure. I went back there for a glass of apperol again this week and the bartender was again, extremely friendly and helpful. For me, it is very important to feel welcomed when I am dining and Trinity is definitely a place where that can always happen.

See you all at Trinity then, I guess? Bye!

wearing: Mango jacket | Mejuri gold jewelry & Jurga Jasikeviciute silver ring | top - Zara