style tips: my perfect summer suit

My love for suits started quite a while ago, but somehow I never managed to find the perfect one. As soon as I spotted those baby pink suits from Zara that everyone got, I made up my mind to find a perfect summer suit. However, I didn't want to buy a pink one anymore as it seemed that absolutely everybody is wearing one. So, my hunt began.

I searched high and low and I alsmot decided to buy a grey suit instead, but one day, I was shopping in Mango and these peach pants caught my eye. The colour of them looked so beautiful that I tried them on, loved the fit and decided to buy them. Then, I realised that they come with a matching blazer, but it was nowhere to be found - not in store, sold out online. I believe it took me more than two weeks to finally get the notification that it came back to stock and there was only one left. My boyfriend was driving me to work, so I bought the suit then an there - using my phone! This all sounds very dramatic and a bit shopaholic-y, but I wanted this suit so bad, I was prepared to do anything haha!
Lucky me, I managed to snag that last one in my size and when it came, it fit me pefectly.

Even though in the last post I talked how confident I usually feel in neutral tones and that I don't really like colours, this suit is not grey, not white, it's peachy and that's a colour! Do I contradict myself here? Maybe a little bit, but for some reasion, when I look at this suit, I don't see a bright colour, it just seems to be a kind of shade, which works with most of my summer pieces, so it's kind of a summer netural for me?
Anyway, I don't really think this evens matters, the most important part is that I feel amazing wearing it, I wore the blazer and the trousers separately on numerous occasions.

All in all, I rate this as very great buy for my wardrobe & P.S. I am planning on wearing to a wedding too, which might be an outfit you'll see on Instagram this month. Paired with different shoes and accessories it will be transformed and I won't have to wear a fancy dress, so win win situation here for sure!

wearing: suit - Mango | shoes - Converse | sunglasses - Emporio Armani | bag - from Paris