style tips: mixing sporty and classic styles

The one thing I love the most about streetstyle these days is the fact that people are not afraid to mix and match different styles and types of clothing anymore. You are not surprised if someones wears sneakers and a suit together, or add a sparkly clutch to hoodie and leggings kinda of outfit. Everything is allowed right now and that's what makes fashion and styling so beautiful (at least for me anyway).

I, myself, would suggest you trying out this approach as well because not only it is comfortable, but also, it can completely transform any old outfit you have in mind.

For example, I wanted to wear a white, feminine pencil skirt one day, but I also didn't want to feel very dressy in such outfit as it is simply not my vibe. Then, I looked at my warbdrobe and picked up this oversized hoodie I have that I wear at home (and out, appearently) and through it on. As if was a bit chilly, I opted for a biker jacket and decided to finish the look with a transparent clutch, which just added that something extra to this outfit.

In my opinion, the easiest way to mix and match sporty with classics is to add one item from a different style to an existing outfit, such as:

& of course, many other options, but these are just a few tips from me.

wearing: hoodie, skirt - Lindex | sandals - COS | bag, earrings - Mango | biker jacket - Zara