spring10x10: the round up

As you all might know by now, I’ve been doing a little style challenge on my Instagram for the past two weeks. Originally invented by Style Bee, this challenge basically is a way for you to take 10 items from your wardrobe and style them in many different ways for 10 days (I did that for 5 work days one week and another 5, the other week). The chosen 10 things can include tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses, shoes & it would exclude outerwear, accessories, bags, workout and house clothes. I will link Style Bee’s blog here, so you can go ahead and read more about the specifics, but as she says as well, don’t get caught up in rules. It’s all about having fun with the items that you have!

My learnings:

The weather in Lithuania is bipolar and you cannot predict it even if you try. I chose the items when the forecast showed me that’s it’s going to be very warm, nice and sunny. The reality was that half of the project time it was that, but the other half was a bit more cold. I have very versatile pieces! I always knew that I mainly own a minimal kind of wardrobe when it comes to colors and styles of my clothes, but I never thought that I can pair so many things in so many ways. Accessories can really make an outfit. I guess most of us know that already, but somehow, these past two weeks gave me a reason to switch up my bags more and think about other ways to accessorize. For example, by wearing my silk scarf as my belt or simply adding a hat to the mix! Also, wearing sunglasses can elevate your look so much, I couldn’t believe it! I missed my other clothes. Picking outfits is one of those things that let my creativity flow and I absolutely love that feeling. By having only 10 items, I let my creativity run so loose that I started thinking about other items in my wardrobe and how I would pair them. Also, it didn’t help that my dream blazer arrived this week and I’ve been itching to wear it out! It’s nice to do something new and be solely dedicated to that. This challenge forced me to take a picture every single day & upload it the same day - this might not be a huge thing for everyone, but for me, it definitely was. I had to ask my colleague to take most of pics, I took them on a my iPhone, which I’m not proud of, but it would have been a bit too complicated to whip out my DSLR. Despite all of the obstacles, it was so much fun that some of you guys on Instagram were actually waiting for me to post a new combination every day. It made me smile everyday. It’s okay if it doesn’t work out as expected 100%. My last outfit was pre-photographed a few days before & I didn’t actually got to wear it last day. The reason behind being this damn cold spring we’ve been having lately and that I had to go walk around in the city after work, so I didn’t want to feel cold. Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely, not. I really did my best and put a lot of effort into this challenge, which makes me happy and motivated to do more things like this. I believe that matters the most and I hope that you guys enjoyed it nevertheless!

All in all, I consider this to be a success & now I cannot wait for the summer challenge to come! Maybe some of you would join me as well?

10 items I picked:
jeans, denim jacket - H&M | white top, jumpsuit - Audimas | peach trousers - Mango | grey tee - Whistles | stripe top - ASOS