postcards: amsterdam

Hey there!

As you might have guessed I'm back from my short getaway to Amsterdam. It was pure bliss and I fell head over heels for the city of bikes.
It was extremely hot there for two (out of three) days, +27 degrees isn't the perfect weather for walking around but we managed to survive. I must say that those little streets where you can always find a shadow and the canals helped a tone. Other than the unexpectedly hot weather, I enjoyed absolutely every part of Amsterdam.
First of all, it is such a green city. You can find trees almost on every street and there are so many amazing parks where you can chill out, have a picnic or read a book. I could totally see myself writing blog posts there on weekends.
Secondly, the cutest cafes and shops everywhere in the city centre. I had so many on my list and I found even more while walking around. The interior is unique in each of them but they all were so instagrammable, I now have way too many photos of them on my phone (hello, my instagram feed).
Moreover, the whole of the city is so chilled. Yes, you always have to watch out for the bikes because there are thousands of them and nobody wants to get hit by one, but overall everyone is extremely friendly and relaxed. It is nothing compared to London where everybody's rushing and running everywhere. Amsterdam is so different and only in a good way.
We have visited the famous Riikjsmuseum gardens & I am amsterdam sign, also the big park around Van Gogh museum, Joordan neighbourhood, 9 streets, generally walked all around the city centre because it is unique and beautiful everywhere. We had a lovely lunch at Foodhallen - a must see I think for food lovers & they also have the cutest locally made goods shop there too. Some pics from that shop are here in this post - you'll see. My top tip for Amsterdam would be to prepare for a lot of walking and just explore the city on foot. There are monuments that are a must see, such as the Van Gogh & Riikjsmuseum but in my opinion, the beauty of this city is hidden away in those little streets. I was amazed by the architecture and peacefulness that you can find just steps away from the main street and all the traffic. Just put on your most comfortable trainers and discover the beauty of the city of bikes - I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Lastly, if you're a fan of cute cafes, I will be posting a short list of the ones that I visited and absolutely fell in love with.

Stay tuned! x