ootd: why you should invest in knitwear

Knitwear is something that most of us love for the colder season, I assume, so today I wanted to dwell into the topic a bit deeper. These days, the supply of it is endless, you can find it in both high street and high end stores for prices that vary quite a bit even though sometimes the material that the knits are made from is the same. This got me thinking about my purchases a lot & I think I have concluded some pretty useful tips, or in other words, experiences from my knitwear shopping ventures. Let's start, shall we?

Please tell me that you are also guilty of buying multiple Zara knits every season because they got bobbly, or simply didn't look as good as they did the season before? I am definitely guilty of that. Don't get me wrong, Zara is an aboslutely amazing store, I love their stock most of the time and wish I had the money and the storage to buy 80% of the stuff. However, I am actually quite conscious about my spending (even though it might not seem like that as I am a fashion blogger) + I live in 40 square meters, so I don't have much space to put my clothing and other shit I need in life. That is why, this year I started investing in my knitwear and get rid of the pieces that I don't wear and don't see myself wearing any time soon.

Here are some tips and tricks that you should bear in mind before you buy a piece of knitwear:

There you have it, some thoughts on my buying process and justification these days. I hope you like it and to answer the question why you should invest in knitwear is simple - it will last you much longer, it will take up less space in your wardrobe (because you’ll have less) & it will always look great as it was bought this season. What’s not to love?

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