ootd: what to wear on a lazy day?

Don't you just hate those lazy days when you want to look good, but just have absolutely no energy to spend time looking at your wardrobe and mixing ant matching things together? We all have been there and it sucks big time. I think I found a way to solve this situation and it is super easy!

First things first, when I am feeling lazy, I want to wear my pyjamas all day, so for that day's outfit I figured I have to look a bit more put together than on average day. For me, a lot of depends on my choice of shoes - if I am wearing sneakers, I always feel really relaxed and sometimes pairing sneakers, a loose top or a jumper can just make me feel a bit sloppy. I would be comfortable for sure, but you might still feel a bit lazy and not excited for my outfit as it is not that interesting (because I didn't think about it and threw on any old thing that was hanging there first). However, the trick here is NOT think about it long, but look like you have thought this out really well! For that I figured, you could try these steps:

These are my top tips how you can avoid ihavenothingtowearsoiwillwearmyhoodieandjeans kinda of days into iamwearingajumperyetilooksuperchic days! Hopefully it helps and see you soon!

jeans - Target | cardigan, biker jacket - Zara | sunglasses - D&G via Optometrijos centras | shoes - ASOS | bag - Keep and eye leather