ootd: what to buy during January sales?

January should be known as one of the greatest months for shopaholics. Why? Because it is sale season and everyone is already depressed after Christmas, hence want to shop the hell out of their mood. It might not be right in every case, but it sure is a good time to rethink your wardrobe and add one or two (or more, whoops) pieces to refresh it for the upcoming season. I believe in finding good quality, classic pieces during this time for a cheaper price while you will wear them for years to come. So, I wanted to gather some thoughts and some visual suggestions with links to my favourite online shops for you to consider this month when you go and splash your cash at the mall. However, I noticed that a lot of things are already sold out online, but they might be still in-stock at the store + I just wanted to give you ideas of the models that you could look for in any shop that you personally really like or that is nearby.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Coat – that is an essential piece for the upcoming two (in Lithuania I bet even longer) months of cold winter time, so don’t start looking at nice and breezy spring stuff, but rather focus on good quality wool coats or puffer jackets. I’d suggest going for a classic double or single breasted, large lapels, midi or longer (if you are taller) coat from cozy materials such as wool and cashmere. Look no further than over 50% wool in composition, lining would be a great thing as well and you won’t regret buying a coat with a hood. If you are not keen on coats, then buying a puffer jacket, or a padded parka would work in extremely cold and windy climates to keep your body very toasty.
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2) Boots – another thing that is worth considering during sales. I’d say you should look both for winter shoes with fur lining + leather boots without lining, which you’ll be able to wear almost all year round. If you live in a very cold weather, where it snows a lot, I will suggest buying a pair of UGGs with no shame. They are very warm and if you take care of them, they won’t look trashy after couple of wears. Also, I think it’s not necessary to buy a real pair of UGGs ‘cause even with a sale they are very pricey, but consider buying those that have real wool lining – those would be much warmer than synthetic ones.
For boots I’d suggest going for a classic black and choosing the style that fits you best – either a Chelsea boot, a heeled boot, biker boot or maybe even oh so trendy over the knee boot. Whatever floats your boat and you feel comfortable wearing!
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3) Blazer – this is a piece of clothing I think everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. Some of us wear it for every day, for others it can be styled to work as a fancy evening outfit instead of a cocktail dress. So, your eyes should be on navy blue, black, checked or grey single/double breasted blazers. I believe straight cut instead of those stitched in at the waist look better on me, but you know your figure best, so look in the mirror when YOU are wearing it (extremely important that you wear not the model in the picture) and see which looks and feels perfect.
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4) Shirt – another no brainer. A white or baby blue shirt is something that will sort out those days when “you have nothing to wear while your 20 items of clothing are laying on the floor in your bedroom”. Make sure to try on all the possible variations of them and buy the ones that you feel most comfortable in. I only included high street shops, but I think that for such piece it would be wise to have a look at higher end stores or boutiques, there I guess you’d be able to find something that is really well made and will last you for years.
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5) Sweater/Cardigan – it doesn’t matter that fashion world is already crazy about spring trends, let’s face it, winter won’t leave us alone for a long time, so it is wise to buy yourself a warm sweater for a cheaper price. I personally love H&M for high quality knitwear. They have Trend lines, where you can find rather affordable cashmere sweaters, merino wool as well and no acrylic in sight! Zara, on the other hand, always has the trendiest ones, but the composition of them doesn’t always make me happy. Hence, I’d say choose wisely here, but my advice would be to buy something that would be wearable next season as well (example: round neck, merino wool grey jumper a la Acne yet from H&M – score!)
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6) Bag – you wear this thing every single day, so why not save some money and buy one on sale? I tend to always wear cross body bags, I just love the way they look and that you can style a statement one with a simple outfit. However, big bags are most of the time more practical since they fit everything inside! It is us up to you to decide, which one is the most “you”, but there are many option out there from classic office bags, shopping totes, buckets bags and the list goes on! Just browse, choose a universal colour such as black, tan or cream and make sure to invest in a well-made one. Also, it doesn’t always have to be leather, sometimes non-leather bags can be as high quality as the real ones!
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Happy shopping!

P.S. all the images are from Pinterest.