ootd: thoughts about FOMO

jeans - ASOS | bag - Mango | boots - Dr Martens | sweater - New Look | top - Zara

Let’s start with an explanation of what is FOMO. If you haven’t heard of it, let me explain what it means. FOMO is basically “fear of missing it out”. I believe this concept kind of started to be talked about in recent years when social media blew up & everybody was (and still is) sharing anything and everything. I recently realised that I do feel FOMO sometimes when I never thought I did before.

I had this event that I needed to go and for some reason I didn’t want to. So, naturally, I would have just never gone there and completely forgotten about it a few days after. However, this was not the case. I was um-ing and arh-ing about whether I should go because I knew hat I probably wouldn’t enjoy it (since I just don’t really like press events in general) but on the other hand, I thought I should go either way because I’m a blogger & I maybe will miss out on potential cool stuff prepared for press. I didn’t go in the end, I instead spent my evening at the movies, with my loved one and that was amazing.

Yet, I wanted to share this on the blog because the fact that I couldn’t make up my mind for so long, really got me thinking that in this world of social media, bloggers, endorsements everywhere, we all can be casualties of FOMO. Identifying that in my own daily life made me realise how much my life is dedicated to my blog and social media life. Yes, I blog occasionally, I post on Instagram daily, I am always thinking about the next idea for a post, I also buy things and in my head already imagine how they can transfer onto my Instagram. However, I do take breaks if I feel uninspired & that’s why I always thought that FOMO wouldn’t affect me at all. Me and you all now know that it was not the case.

I must admit, I fear of missing out in a lot of aspects of my life. My career - maybe I have this full time job, but I could do something more meaningful instead & I am missing out on that because I simply fear to change something. My lifestyle - I rent an apartment and live in Lithuania. In the century of digital nomads, when you are allowed to travel freely, live and sometimes even work whenever you want, it seems a bit weird to stay in one place. Am I missing out? My social life - I don’t have a lot of friends, but I have a blogging community, which I don’t tend to engaged with too much. I hate forcing things, so if the friendships don’t come naturally, I don’t really do anything to help with that. Is that something I need to work on because well, you gotta be super social in this life? 

These are just a couple things that I thought about recently, but I just found it interesting to analyse my own life and how it is affected my the outside world. Do you ever feel FOMO?