ootd: sweater weather is here

September definitely is on my list of favourite times of the year. It's usually sunny yet a bit chilly, so the layering game comes back to the game, which I adore. It's also about the September issue, the fashion weeks, new season trends and finally, you get to wear all of those sweaters that have been hiding in your closet for months! Don't get me started on the warm blankets and Netflix time with a cup of cinnamon latte or tea.
Even if it's grey, rainy, freezing cold at times,I feel like autumn has so many beautiful moments to enjoy, it's kinda magical in its own way. Don't you agree?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a beautiful shoot that we did at the end of August, when it became a bit more chilly than usual, so I took the opportunity to style my beloved camel knit from H&M with some bare ankles and my best purchase of the year - these black loafer babies! Couldn't be more happy that I picked them up online.
Also, you must see that I decided to shoot with a companion this time as well. He is the cutest dog, isn't he? I feel that everybody says that about their dog, but oh well - they are all pretty cute anyway. This dog, however, is not mine (I wish though!), we got a chance to babysit him for a while & it was the best time. Yes, he shed quite a bit and it didn't look amaizng in our appartment, but he is for sure, the happiest dog in the world. Always so active, wants to play and is very affectionate as well. Especially when we got back home after a day at work - you wouldn't believe the happiness that he would spread around us. It really made me 100% more sure that I want to own a dog in the future, even though they are a lot of work, it's so worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this photo heavy (I couldn't pick between those pictures, the boy looked gorgeous in every single one) post & I hope to see you soon.

sweater - H&M | trousers - Zara | sunnies - Lindex | bag - Mango | rings - Mejuri