ootd: spring essentials

coat - Body Talk | bag - Zara | jeans - ASOS | shoes - Deichmann | top - SheIn

Hey guys,

today I wanted to a new outfit with you and also share some spring time essentials that I think are important to purchase/have in your wardrobe in spring time.
First things first - sparkly socks. I remember having three pairs a year ago and I didn't wear them at all, which resulted in me having a wardrobe clear out and throwing them away. Yes, I threw them out - soooo stupid of me, I'm still regretting that decision. However, I got some new babies brought to me all the way from England and I couldn't be more excited. I think interesting socks are the way to go in chilly spring time because they keep your ankles warm ant you still can wear cropped trousers - what's not to love?

Since spring is not always sunny and warm, I think it's a good idea to invest in a good quality coat. For colours I'd suggest something fresh - white, light beige, baby blue or light pink. I am lucky enough to own this stunning oversize coat from Body Talk, which I fell in love with from the first glance.

Stripes - classy, timeless, never goes out of style and they made their way into my spring wardrobe again. Don't you love them as well? I got this simple top form SheIn, you can get by clicking this link, yet another Chinese company, but what can I say, it's definitely cheap and cheerful. The quality surprised me, it's made out of soft material except for the bottom - it gathers all the fluffs really easily, which is definitely annoying.

Moving on, I think that fresh looking make up is very beautiful all year round but it is especially accentuated in spring time it seems. To achieve that look I like to use glowy foundation (I'll talk about my picks very soon on the blog), highlighter is a must as well as lovely lip gloss. Live those burgundy deep lip colours for September and let's dive into pinky sea of lipgloss, haha. :) I am using this Uoga Uoga one right now, which is made out of natural ingredients, has a subtle scent of cranberries and it sparkles like no other. Loving it!

Finally, a cross body bag is a must have for me these days. If you haven't yet invested in a smaller bag, what are you waiting for? I believe that they make an outfit so much more chic instantly and you can add a pop of colour in a very subtle way. This time I chose a silver a la Chanel style bag from Zara to add that something extra and I think I've succeeded, do you agree?

See you all soon with something very very tasty!