ootd: somewhere down the road

jumper, shoes, bag – Zara | coat – H&M | gold rings – Mejuri | silver rings – Jurga Jasikeviciute jewelry

Have you ever found yourself falling in love with an old piece from your wardrobe just because you have recently seen someone else wearing in a cool way? I am definitely feeling it more and more often these days. Since I am guilty of always neglecting 60% of my clothes in the back of my wardrobe, it feels great to get this sort of inspiration and just realize how much I loved a certain piece. As you might have guessed, this happened to my very old Zara jumper. I remember buying this years ago, when I was a second year at university. I absolutely loved it back then and I almost never wore it this autumn and winter. So glad I saw Tamira Jarrel (an amazing beauty and fashion blogger from the U.S) wearing this on her website & I fell back in love. I even considered selling it, but I don’t think I will anymore. It’s so cozy and stylish – favourite knitwear item indeed!

Secondly, I mentioned Tamira Jarrel – she’s awesome. I tend to obsess about certain bloggers for a period of time & for a long time my obsession and main inspiration was Pepa Mack, however, when I found Tamira’s blog a few weeks ago… I was amazed. You should definitely check out her page because one thing – her imaginary is stunning, she can make anything look good I swear, second – her style is to die for & the fact that she almost exclusively wears black and white is just too good to be true yet it is! I am completely in love with her blog & social media, so definitely go and have a peak here!

The last thing I wanted to mention in this post are my rings. Everyone by now knows that rings are my thing – I always wear at least three on my fingers. I am also not afraid of mixing metals, I believe gold and silver can look very beautiful together. Hence, today I am showcasing my newest additions – two gold Mejuri rings I recently got. One of them is from a collection that Pepa Mack (the aforementioned blogger whose style I love) created for Mejuri. It is a solstice pinky ring with a carved sun’s design and I really like how unique it looks. Really adds that something special to my ring set. The other one is actually a gold diamond ring but not for the ring finger if you know what I mean! It is super lovely and looks adorable stacked together with some other rings – I will show you that look in the future outfits.

That’s it for today everyone, have a lovely week & come back for more on Thursday!