ootd: sleepwear on the beach

shirt - Wake Me Not | shorts, bikini - H&M | bag - Zara

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

first of all, happy almost Friday! As every blogger and their mom have already said - where did the time go? It was only Monday a couple of days ago, right? I'm excited for the weekend and lovely weather that we've been having lately. Sun really does make me happier but I guess it's the same for all of us.

Anyway, as promised in my latest post, I'm back with more posts from Greece. Today I've prepared a very casual look that I wore on my way to the beach. One thing that is a bit different about it, however, is that I decided to throw on my sleeping shirt instead of a usual beach cover up. This Wake Me Not shirt is very beautiful, therefore, I decided that it was time for the world to see it - no more hiding in my bed haha! Also, it does look like a proper blouse/shirt anyways.
As you might have noticed as well, my shirt is monogrammed, which is a new service that the brand is about to do for all their sleepwear.
I think it's something very lovely that makes your clothes even more special. I've always loved personalised things, so this is absolutely perfect for me. I guess it could a very thoughtful present for somebody as well, what do you think?

I believe the purpose of my ramble was to remind you all that you can break all the rules if you want. Wear your pyjamas out if that makes you happy, eat chocolate for breakfast and don't ever quit your daydream - it's all that matters anyway. Have a good night! x