ootd: pink summer & birthday thoughts

Hey there !

So here it is - my last outfit from Kos. Now the holidays are officially over. These were taken in the lobby, such a beautiful and photogenic area it was! I was wearing my blush pink dress from Body Talk and a sweater since it was quite chilly in the evenings. I love the combination of colours - pink has actually creeped in on me this season - I never thought of it as a suitable colour for my wardrobe, but here I am totally in love with pink. Who would have thought!

Anyway, on the other news - it was my birthday yesterday and I'm officially 23 now. It got me thinking - why do we celebrate birthdays after all? It's quite a weird custom when you think about it. People gather to congratulate you because you were born that day many years ago. It doesn't matter whether you actually did something good in this world, they still come with flowers and presents to celebrate you and your life. How odd is that?
Also, often people come without any physical gifts but with money in an envelope instead because they say they didn't know what to get you. However, isn't that the whole point? To think really carefully and try to remember what that special person in your life wanted for a long time or maybe mentioned briefly once? Maybe if you don't know these things, the person is not that special to you after all? I think people get really pressured about presents, which is so unnecessary. Attention (in any form) is key not the physical gifts and nothing sometimes is better than something very unthoughtful that makes you wonder if that person actually knows you at all.
Despite all of these questions and things though, I still think that birthdays are also the days you realise how very loved you actually are. All the kind words and all the hugs you get - so magical. It's that one day of the year when you can forget your daily routine and tasks, it seems that the whole world just stopped for you. What's not to love about it?

I guess that would be it for my rambling today, please come back on Thursday for a new cafe review that will be up in the evening. Bye! x