ootd: my favourite winter parka

I think it is appropriate to start talking about winter outerwear as it was snowing in Lithuania yesterday. I am sooo not impressed with this weather though... Christmas countdown has officially began for me because I'm doing GIFTMAS (aka gift guides) this year, but this "snow" in the middle of November is just unacceptable. It's been just grey for days now, I cannot handle it anymore. Can we have some sun, please? Okay, weather rant over, let's talk about my outfit, shall we?

Last year I bought this cream parka from ASOS and let me tell you, it was one the best purchases of the season. It's so warm and I adore the white faux fur. I think it looks much better than the dark brown one that is currently present on my other - navy parka. Yes, I own two parkas and I want another one. I live in Lithuania people, it's the best kind of outerwear for this horrible weather we have 90% of the year it seems like.

I also wore my &Other Stories long sleeve 'Superhero' top. It is super simple, but the quality is very good (I washed it a multiple times and it still looks brand new!) and of course, that embroidered text makes it so special! My new love indeed. Anyway, I just realised that most of my outfit except for this top was actually bought last year and the bag I think has been with me for more than 1 year. The jeans as well, I think... It surprises me quite a bit these days because I actually noticed that I probably wear 10 to 15 max items in my wardrobe and most of them are actually not new seasonal things. I guess that's a good thing & all of you are not yet bored of my outfits? I'll keep my fingers crossed for that!

This hasn't been the most talkative of posts because truthfully, I don't have much to say, so I promise you a beauty post next & to be back very soon.