ootd: must haves for winter

parka - ASOS | jeans, bag - Zara | socks - Happy Socks | jewellery - Jurga Jasikeviciute | mittens - Kristina Kruopienyte

Winter is a pretty rough time for fashion bloggers I would say. Constant struggle for shooting new outfits pictures in the cold weather is something I experience quite a lot. So, when I bought this new winter parka a month ago, I was super excited because I knew that I could shoot without taking it off as it super cute + you have never seen me wearing on the blog just yet.

Yes, I have the rule of trying not to overload you with the same clothes in my outfits posts simply because I don’t post as often as I would like. If I, say, posted four to five times a week, I would be happy to feature the same piece twice that week. However, right now I only manage to post once a week, which is a shame, I must admit, so I don’t like wearing the same clothes & especially outerwear. It gets tough with that simply because the winter in Lithuania is very cold and even though I own way too many coats, I just cannot stand wearing them in this weather while I can cozy up in my hooded parka. Can you blame me?

Also, I wanted to showcase my beautiful mittens that I got for Christmas once again as I believe they are extremely photogenic + keep me very warm.

We shot these pictures in next to a beautiful mansion in Palanga and it got me thinking - years ago, very rich people just casually lived there, in that humongous house. They probably had their morning tea in the porch area where we were shooting, looking at the massive garden and pool they had owned. Isn’t that crazy? I guess in fifty years people will say the same about massive mansion in Hollywood or it might not be anything out of ordinary then, but for some reason, it was quite fascinating to wonder about the life these people had in the past.