ootd: lost in the snow

jeans - ASOS | turtleneck - DISSTRICT | bag - Zara | watch - Kapten & Son | boots - Dr Martens

So, the holidays are fastly approaching & I am so excited that we've been having snow in Lithuania! It makes it very hard to shoot outfit pictures, but at least it looks good in the end, right?

I've been having writer's block lately. I don't know what topics to cover anymore. Everyone semms to be doing gift guides and talking about Christmas party looks, so I don't see a reason for me to talk about this stuff once again as you can find plenty of amazing articles related to that. Plus, I am not even going to attend a lot of parties this month and my work party is themed as 'ugly x-mas sweater' party, hence no need for fancy dresses and sparkles this year. Outfit problemos solved haha!
Also, winter in general is a pretty difficult time for blogging I'd say. At least for me as I have another full time job. It gets dark so quickly, so I only have weekends for picture taking and sometimes even during the day it is too dark to take pictures. Morevoer, sometimes I just want to chill out on the weekend and have some quality time with my loved. I think I will take some time off the internet during Christmas - I saw one of my favourite bloggers Victoria from Inthefrow talking about it and I completely agree. It's so improtant to take time off social media & just appreciate the moments you experience during holidays. However, saying that, I am not doing blogging full-time, so having a couple of days off my real job, I have time to work on my blog or at least create some content. Hence, here I am, lost between taking time off and seizing the opportunity of having free time! One thing for sure, it's pretty difficult to balance work and play.

I'll leave you with some outfit shots taken in a beautiful forest where I almost froze to be an ice sube without my coat on. Things you do for a good shot!