ootd: layering in this weather & italian breakfast

Nothing makes me happier than finding new cool places to have coffee and eat cake! Who’s with me?

So, a few weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went to the city to walk around (more like, to take outfit photos for me, but I always need to find another reason to go haha) & have a cup of coffee. We chose to go to Italala Cafe, which is a new place in the city centre. The coffee there was very yummy & they had so many different cakes to choose from, but in the end, we took an ‘italian breakfast’, which essentially was two croissants with unlimited amount if different jams and spreads.

Oh my, oh my, were they one of the best croissants I’ve ever had. But for me personally, the best thing about this place was the staff. As I understood, two of the owners actually work behind the bar, so you can imagine the level of kindness and attention to detail that goes into every order. This is what makes me come back to such places - the people. There’s nothing more satisfying that ordering a coffee + a smile free of charge.

Therefore, this very cozy, very chill and friendly atmosphere will definitely bring me back there if I’m ever around.

coat, blazer - H&M | jeans - ASOS | boots, bag - Zara