ootd: how did blogging change my wardrobe?

bag - Keep an eye leather | hat - Lindex | rings - Mejuri | shoes - Adidas Gazelle |

Good evening,

today I wanted to talk a little bit about how being a blogger changed and improved my wardrobe. I was never into colours or extravagant type of clothing but when I started blogging I somehow thought that I cannot wear simple clothes anymore. By simple I'm talking white tees and blue jeans kind of outfits. So, I would always try to wear something different, like add heels or add layers that I want to take off right after a shoot. However, years passed and I have learnt that it's okay to wear what you want simply because it's so important to be who you truly are. Nowadays, I have been posting so many minimal outfits on my instagram and I have never felt better. Yes, I do still try to make them interesting but I don't do that by buying a colourful or trendy top that I won't wear a lot. These days I look for interesting cuts, different textures and I always try to have accessories to complement my outfits.

As you all might know, I wear dainty jewellery, my watch & add a hat or a scarf here and there. I've learnt to elevate my basics like this and I think that only happened because of blogging. I have gathered so much inspiration during the years, I experimented a lot with my style and I'm so glad blogging pushed me to do this. Don't be afraid to wear what you like and fond ways to adapt that style to something a little trendy.

To finish off this ramble, let's have a look at my another basic outfit that I felt extremely comfortable wearing around town. A pair of black jeans (who could always swap them for a pair of leather trousers, which would look super stylish), a wooly sweater because it's finally cold enough to wear those & some trainers like these Adidas Gazelle ones - I adore the unusual colour and the old school style. I accessorised with a fedora from Lindex new collection - always works wonders on any outfit, my favourite autumn leather bag from Keep an eye leather and finally, some rings. My favourite jewellery brand would probably have to be Mejuri and I'm so lucky to own two rings from them - the heart one and the evil eye one. I just love their chain design and how interesting they look on my fingers. I always pair them with some other rings and a necklace or some earrings. Minimal and dainty jewellery, as I said, is something I always wear nowadays and I think it really does elevate my outfits. What do you think?

Stay tuned for a cafe review on Thursday, I have recommendations for them in Amsterdam! x