ootd: hey there life lemons

skirt - Body Talk | top - Zara | bag - Lindex | sandals - H&M | sunglasses - ZeroUV

Good evening loves!

I never know how to start blog posts. It's weird every single time. What do I jut say hello and get to the point, or should I do a mini introduction that I'm back with a new outfit post, or should I just start talking about whatever's on my mind? I get so awkward every time, it's a bit pathetic to be honest with you.

So, since we're past that awkwardness now, let's begin.
My life has been pretty crazy the last couple of months, loads have happened and a lot more is just around the corner. I cannot believe things are as they are now, lots of mixed emotions are with me everyday. Do not ever take things for granted because as soon as you do, they will change. This time last year things were very different but life was a roller coaster back then too. A memorable year from then to today indeed. What's next to come?

I was never really the one to share where I work or any really personal details with you but I guess it's time I start. Well, for the past six months I've been working in an IT company that is basically a full ad tech platform. I never in my life thought that could be something I'd love to do, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually realised how much I like my job. It never stops, new things are always thrown at you and there is a challenge right around the corner almost every day. I am a very lucky girl indeed to have an amazing team with me to do every tasks and I never stop learning here.
I do hope this career will turn into something big because right now it's the second thing after my blog & fashion that I'm truly passionate about. I guess it's not even the second, they all go hand in hand. During the day I'm a total geek and in the evenings I'm showing you my latest outfit choices.

I hope it's interesting for you to read a little about my personal life as well as my thoughts on random stuff in life. I'll try to do that more often here, we'll see how that goes. Have a good night! xx