ootd: everyday casual uniform 101

coat - H&M | trainers - Converse | sunnies - ZeroUV | shirt - Birgitte Herskind | bag - Mango | bracelets & gold earrings - Tadam! | gold rings - Mejuri | silver rings - Jurga Jasikeviciute jewelry

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my style and clothes that I have in my wardrobe. As almost every girl, I do struggle everyday and think that I actually don’t have anything to wear despite the fact that I own a lot of things. Therefore, I started looking into capsule wardrobe concept. Right now I am reading a book about it and let me tell you, there is so much to take in. I was always about minimal outfits, but it’s so difficult to evaluate my wardrobe.. I just own way too many random things that make it pretty hard to mix and match. However, if I manage to be successful in reconstructing my wardrobe, I will make sure to let you all know.

Going back to my outfit, I was trying to look dress for the spring weather last weekend when we took these pictures. Well, I wish I wore my scarf and probably a sweater ‘cause it was freezing! Anyway, things you do for blogging. I haven’t shot outfit pics in a long time and I must say, I forgot how it feels like. Even with the experience of blogging for 5 years, I do feel awkward while posing and never know how to pose!

So, my shirt is from Birgitte Herskind - a Danish brand, which makes ultimate basics with a twist. I really fell in love with their shirts - this ruffled one is very comfortable yet chic, however, it wrinkles quite easily but what can you do, most of shirts do that, don’t they?
Also, I borrowed this coat from my mom and I doubt I will be giving it back to her - it’ looks so good with my simple outfits! Lastly, I wore my two favourites - Converse sneakers - literally don’t wanna take them off except when they start to pinch my feet - and my Mango trio bag, which I’ve been wearing every single day.