ootd: easy summer

pictures by Don't Tell Anyone

dress Body Talk | sunnies - ZeroUV | bag - Coach | hat - H&M

Hey hey hey!

My brain is literally melting in this weather. I cannot bear heat like this, that's one thing I'm reminded of every single summer. But whyyy? I'm so annoyed at myself cause I literally cannot function properly. I haven't done s*** this weekend and that is because my body gave up on me. Literally spent Saturday in bed - how amazing... However, somehow I managed to get out of bed on Sunday, put on a dress and work a little. The good thing when the whole city has left for the seaside is that I got to spend my afternoon chilling in my favourite cafe, which was empty!

Anyway, these couple of days the only thing that helped me not to melt completely was this long dress from Body Talk. It's very flowy and super comfortable to wear and the best thing about is that it comes in blush pink too! I will most probably feature it here as well in a couple of weeks time, so stay tuned.

Another topic that's on my mind is tattoos. I've been wanting one since I was 16 I believe and I thought of a particular one last summer. It's been too long I'd say and I'm planning on actually getting it done in a couple of weeks. I never thought I would actually be brave enough to go through it, but having a temporary one really pushed me. I find it fascinating to have something painted on your body that is permanent. There's a lot of pressure for sure but I believe I have made the right decision with my design. Maybe I'll tell you more once I get it done cause then you'll be able to see it and it would all make more sense.