ootd: Deichmann press conference

Good evening everyone!

So last week I had a chance to have a press breakfast organised by Deichmann, where they presented a very interesting presentation about the habits of wearing shoes in Lithuania as well as new shoe trends for spring summer 16'. The event was held in the reading room of a Contemporary Art Centre - very fitting for a fashion conference, I really like the place. If you're reader of my blog, you'll have seen it too because I did a shoot there once, such a good spot!

Anyway, let's talk about the presentation and the results that Deichmann's gathered. So, it turns out that people in Lithuania still pick shoes according to the level of comfort that they give, the price is extremely important and most of Lithuanians have only 1-2 pairs of shoes. Crazy, isn't? I am definitely not among those people for sure. I kill my feet with uncomfortable shoes because you know, fashion, and also I own way too many pairs for an average person. #guiltyischarged What about you guys?

Finally, the trends for this season kinda remain the same I think. Like, the lace up shoes are still here, which makes me very happy because I already own a pair from last year that I didn't get to wear as much as I wanted. Secondly, the dandy style shoes with a thicker and colourful soles are season's favourites as well. I ain't complaining about it though, I love this style of shoes - they look a bit masculine and that's probably the reason why I like them so much.

The event took place during my lunch break, so I wore the same outfit that I wore to the office. My favourite Body Talk LBD, the most worn pants I own - my pleather Zara leggings and my new Vagabond shoes. They're very masculine - can you spot that I'm already very into this trend?

I hope you like this kind of little sneak peak into my new 'blogger lifestyle' (sounds super weird for me still...) and please, come back on Monday for more!