ootd: basic items when you have nothing to wear

coat - Isabel Marant for H&M | trainers - Adidas Gazelle | bag - Zara | jumper - Body Talk |

I guess we have all been there when you wake in the morning, open your closet and realise that you don't have anything to wear and even though you have around 6 pairs of jeans all in different washes, there's just something wrong about each of the pair and then the panic begins. I know I was there so many times that I had to do something about it. So, I have gathered some tips and tricks that I decided to share here today. Let's make outfit choices (great) easy again!

1) wear a simple combo: don't try to pull off a super trendy look while you're in a hurry and also stressed out about not having enough clothes in your wardrobe. I suggest having some key pieces at the ready: favourite pair of jeans (we all have that one pair that we were over anything) or some sort of comfy trousers, crisp white shirt or a chunky knit and finally, a classic coat or a jacket.
2) once you selected your key pieces, don't be afraid to layer. Put on a basic t-shirt and a chunky knit on top but make sure your t-shirt peeks a little. Then throw on a coat and put on a scarf. If it's not too cold, don't button up your coat but let the layer be seen. With such combo, I would wear some suit trousers or joggers (like I am wearing in this outfit).
3) add something unusual: wear pink shoes or an interesting handbag. Since your clothing pieces are basic and most probably in neutral colours, try to find that one key item that can add a little something to your outfit. I have decided to wear my pink Adidas Gazelle's - I never thought I could love a pair of sneakers so much. I want to wear them with every single outfit and I'm so sad that it was so rainy the past week and I wasn't able to wear them.

That's it for today, I'll be back later this week with a new outfit combo - stay tuned!