ootd: 5 summer capsule wardrobe essentials

I know I've been talking about capsule wardrobe for a while now & I must admit I still haven't managed to go through my wardrobe yet. It is driving me more insane every day as I see those piles of clothes that I simply don't wear often (or, more likely at all!). I guess it might be that I go through everything at the end of summer, but it is happening I swear!

Anyway, I have spotted some things that seem to be essential for me in the summer. Since the Lithuanian summer is not very hot anymore (which I love by the way!), I am perfectly okay wearing long sleeved shirts, blazers, light sweaters and slippers at the same time, isn't that great? I really like when you have bare legs yet need to cover up your upper part as it can get a little chilly. That's why the outfit that I wore a couple of weekends ago was absolutely perfect for a sunny day when it can get super hot in the sun, but also can be a little cold when that sunshine is under a cloud.
Let's go through my list of essentials summer items then, shall we?

I hope you liked this post, see you later with a beauty post!