nuori: aesthetically pleasing skincare items

Perfecting body oil & vital facial cream by NUORI

When it comes to beauty products I mostly care about their performance, but I must be honest with you and say that I love when they also look good on my shelf. That is precisely why NUORI as a brand tickled my fancy in the first place. It is sleek, white, minimal with a hint of something something (that yellow part of the packaging – loooove!), basically everything that I look for my aesthetic.

I was kindly sent these two products and I had my time to use them for a month or so. No tights and bare ankles season has started and it has become very important to keep your skin hydrated as nobody likes flakey legs (at least I know I don’t)!
So, let’s begin with the body oil. In short, I do really like how this body oil performs. It is super simple – no fake and strong scents, which is a plus, it is extremely hydrating as rosehip oil in it really does a good job getting that moisture in. It claims to be very fast absorbent, but I found that it takes a bit longer to absorb than average body lotion, however, I guess that is the difference with oils and lotion. When I think about it though, I do always use quite a bit of it in order to cover all my body in it. Moreover, but I think it is for a reason – the oil residue gives the illumination effect and for summer months – I really like that.

The next product I am using right now is the vital facial cream. If you want something really moisturizing and simple, this is the one. It has hyaluronic acid in it, which makes it super hydrating, Vitamins C and E are there for antioxidant protection and jojoba, sweet almond oil together with shea butter that leave the skin nourished and very plump. For my skin, which is normal, in the summer months this cream is best to be used in the evening as it doesn’t have SPF, which is the only downside to it, I believe. Other than that, it is refreshing to have a simple step in your routine that you know will moisturize your skin without causing any allergic reactions or irritations. All in all, I loved both products and the packaging of them couldn’t be more perfect for me. It is really amazing how a brand manages to think about everything – being kind to your skin as well as being kind to your aesthetics. The body oil sits on my bedside table (top tip: keep your body lotion/oil/cream next to the bed and you’ll never forget to apply it every day!) looking all perfect and adding to the whole room interior.