new in: basket bag & spring skincare

skincare - Kiehl's | bag - Mango

I been craving spring and sunshine for too long now. I feel like everyday when it's sunny I am happier, more motivated & generally life is so much better. Am I the only one like this? Probably not, haha.

On the days when sun was not present in my life, I turned to my skincare shelf to seek some. I don't know why but Calendula & Aloe soothing hydration facial mask as well as Pure Vitaly Renewing facial cream just screamed spring to me. Maybe because they have such beautiful bright yellow packaging, or maybe because they make my skin feel happy? I think both of those things have a big effect on that.

So, starting with the mask - it smells abosolutely amazing, I never thought I would like it so much as the facial cleanser that I have from Calendula range doesn't have that kind of scent. Anyway, it makes your skin feel very refreshed and hydrated. I can imagine putting this on holiday, after sunbathing all day, or even after a weekend spent somewhere outside when it was extremely sunny. SPF would be crucial for those days, of course, but still, this stuff would be magic for instant refreshment. Loooove!

Secondly, the facial cream. I wish I had a bigger tub of it since it is so good. It's all about smoothing, refining and comforting your skin & I can definitely say that my skin felt very hydrated and plump after putting it on. It has a heavier texture and takes some time to be absorbed, so I only use this in the evening after I have cleansed, toned and put a serum on my skin (more on that later).
I have, however, loved my Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate for a long time now, but I don't need it on the days when I use the Pure Vitality cream. I tend to switch them up every other day since I love them both. Waking up in the morning is so much nicer when my skin is glowing and also, I feel like Midnight Recovery Concentrate helps with the redness, especially if it comes from having spots. Been a fan of that oil for a while now!

Lastly, who is into basket bags this season? Who would have thought that popular beach bags could be worn to the streets and look so chic? I sense that this trend might become a sort of classic as most of us own a basket bag, especially in Lithuania where they can be hand-made for you locally. I know I will be looking for one in our annual market next spring, such a bummer I didn't think about it this year!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest skincare and fashion obsessions, I'll make sure to make these kind of posts more often.