beauty corner: make-up bag favourites

Long time no beauty post, right?

I have been lazy with my beauty reviews and it's probably because I usually get stuck in using the same things over and over again. Do you guys get that too? Once you try something good, there's no way back afterwards. However, being a blogger gives me a unique opportunity to try new beauty releases sometimes and I am happy to report on the stuff that I really like. So, today let's talk a little about some new things that I have received and also some rediscoveries in my own beauty drawers.

Lancome Grandiose liner & mascara
I was very excited about this release simply because of the packaging. Luxury beauty brands always do it right and it's always so pretty to look at. However, packaging doesn't always make the product itself amazing. This was the case for me with this liner. If I do liquid liner, I tend to have a thick cat eye. When I used this new one from Lancome, I ended up having those eyeliner marks on my eyelid during the day, which wasn't cute at all, so obviously I don't really like this eyeliner. However, I had a chat with my fellow bloggers who used it and they absolutely love it. They even mentioned it as one of the bets eyeliners ever. So, I believe that it most probably the one thing that will work for ones and won't work for others, which is a shame considering the high price tag of it. Mascara, on the other hand, is wonderful and something that I cannot wear to fully use on my upper eyelashes since I was only able to wear it on my bottom ones because I have eyelash extensions. Thumbs up for that one!

Urban Decay Vice lipstick
Could there be a better lipstick brand than UD? I don't think so. They have recently released 100 shades of new lipsticks in 6 different finishes (mega matte, comfort matte, cream, sheer, sheer shimmer, metallized). I have tried 5 of them and my favourite one had to be the comfort matte finish one in Backlash. It's neutral colour in the bullet and turns a little purple on my lips but still is very wearable. However, the best thing about this lipstick would probably have to be the comfortable wear. It's a matte one, so it stays on your lips for hours even after eating or drinking yet it doesn't dry your lips at all. Isn't that the best thing ever? I am all over this finish and wanna buy more shades now - whoops.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede cologne
This was my summer 2015 perfume and I am so sad to start goodbye to it because of colder months. I usually switch up my perfumes during seasons and the time for flowery scents has ended yet I cannot tell you how good was this cologne. The fact that it stays on your skin for the whole day is absolutely insane & I love how unique and not overly flowery it was. I'm not good at describing scents, so more info can always be found on their website but I would highly suggest going to their store and having a sniff. All of those bottles are so worth the higher price tag.

NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face duo
Since NYX is finally opening a store in Vilnius, I had a chance to try some of their products and this contouring stuff was something interesting that I stood out to me. All summer long I wanted to use only cream products including a bronzer/contour yet I never managed to buy one, so when I got this on my hands - I couldn't be more excited to see if it actually works. Let me tell you, it does and it's pretty amazing in terms of finish. I was left with a very naturally contoured face. Unfortunately, I couldn't use the highlight since it's too dark for my skin but the other part didn't disappoint.