luxury makeup: my picks from Feel Unique

It seems like every time I do a makeup clean up, or find products that I truly adore, there’s bound to be something new to drop on my door and I just get way too excited. I’m not trying to complain here, don’t get me wrong! I am so grateful that I can try many different things, it’s always very interesting and cool.

I recently have become a part of Feel Unique trend team, which basically means that I get to try new products and brands that launch on their website frequently. I have been shopping on their website for years, so this for me is such a great honor. If you haven’t already heard about them, basically they stock different beauty brands - from low to high end. You can find L’Oreal there as well as Chanel. What is also very cool is that they do have a lot of brands that are not available to buy in Lithuania and the delivery is free if you buy over 15 euros, if I am not mistaken.

Anyway, back to the products in question!

Firstly, let me introduce you to the palette of everything. Yes, it is that good. I always get so stressed out when I have to pack for flights or trips and I need to downsize my make up bag. I don’t use many products (I think) & somehow, I take a bronzer, a highlight, a blush, maybe eyeshadow, lip colour, etc. and then it turns into a massive bag of stuff that is heavy and not compact at all. So, when I saw that Charlotte Tilbury made a palette created a palette, which included all your face powder makeup (except for lips) I was very intrigued. It is also very small compared to how many products it holds. There are three eyeshadows, so you can create a day time and also, a night time, more smokey look. There are two blushers, one is brighter, the other one is darker & there is a bronzer that’s very properly sized and a beautiful highlighter as well. I mean, do I need to say more? The pigmentation is very good, it blends beautifully & the fact that it is so compact just does everything for me. I am completely and totally in love. My panic packing days are over forever (or at least until this runs out) & I think I’ll use it every day as well since it is just so easy!

Secondly, there’s Hourglass - a luxurious brand mostly known for they finishing powders (I think), but I decided to try out their brow gel and a lipstick. Once I opened the packaging and took out the products, one thing that surprised me is how weighty they are! I’ve been using quite a lot of drugstore makeup recently and the products are usually very lightweight. However, these two had a completely different feel to them. It’s not that they are heavy and you’ll get tired of carrying them around in your makeup bag, but rather they have that luxurious feel to them, the packaging feels very luxurious and expensive (which is good as they are expensive products haha!). Hence, surprise surprise, the products themselves are great too. The eyebrow gel has a nice texture to it and the brush is very nice to use. It also has a lot of pigment, which I like for those no makeup days when I don’t want to use anything on my eyebrows but the gel and still get some color that looks very natural (I wear shade Blonde, by the way). The lipstick is very creamy, easy to apply and has buildable coverage, so you can either have just a wash of color and some shine, or build up for an opaque finish. My shade is Dreamer which is a pinky peach, which, if applied lightly looks like that perfect ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade. Absolutely love from the first wear!

Finally, I believe that you can find great makeup at the drugstore for sure, but if you want to treat yourself to some really nice looking makeup that would also be great quality, Charlotte Tilbury will always be my go to & now, I think I will have to try those magic powders of Hourglass as the lipstick and eyebrow gel didn’t disappoint me at all.

Face palette - Charlotte Tilbury | eyebrow gel (shade Blonde) - Hourglass | lipstick (shade Dreamer) - Hourglass