L'Oreal: greetings from paradise

Mascara is probably one of those items that 90% of girls wear on a daily basis. I could go out without any foundation or concealer on, but mascara makes all the difference - at least on my face. Who’s with me?
So, when brands release new mascaras I’m always very excited because I literally wear them every day and I know what I like. There were multiple mascara releases in the past year/half a year that I’ve tried and I wasn’t disappointed. The latest were from Lancome - both Grandiose & Monsieur Big were amazing, so the expectations were high for the new - Paradise Extatic mascara.

Firstly, the packaging. What I usually find with drugstore mascaras is that they don’t always come in a beautiful tube. At least to what I consider to be beautiful. Most likely it’ll come in a bright yellow/green/violet, etc. tube, which is not ideal. However, L’Oreal is bringing their game here as Paradise tube looks like actual paradise - copper and gold together? Instagram worthy for sure!

Secondly, the brush. It is not a plastic one, however, I don’t have a preference really, but I know some don’t like those, so this one is a big fat natural bristles brush. I used to own Voluminous mascara’s before, so it reminds me of that except that the Voluminous European version had a plastic brush. I hope it made sense what I just said haha. To sum up, I love the brush. It’s big but not too big and it gives sooo much volume! The separation is also rather great and it lengthens the lashes. I could describe it as all in one kind of mascara that gives you big, full and fat lashes. I guess the definition of the lashes is the least of the things that this mascara does, especially if you compare it to something like L’Oreal Telescopic mascara.

My final verdict is that I really like this mascara and what it does to my lashes. To add to everything I just mentioned, it doesn’t really budge, so I don’t get panda eyes, which is always very nice. Finally, it is inexpensive drugstore product & you cannot beat that performance for the price. Definite yes from me!