let your lips shine this spring and summer with L'Oreal

Summer is upon us and the weather is so amazing lately! With every new season, new beauty launches come and L'Oreal has been spoiling us with a whole lot of new stuff. One of those launches that caught my eye are new Color Riche Shine lipsticks.

What attracted me the most was the fact that they are very light on the lips, moisturizing formula yet still pigmented. Also, they smell like sweeties (a fellow blogger mentioned that it smells like Skittles to her), how nice is that? I adore when lipsticks smell nice, it's so unfortunate when they smell funky and then you simply cannot wear them (at least, I cannot).
Overall, it's so refreshing to have a shiny, light and moisturizing lip product for the hotter weather, definitely will be wearing them a lot. However, it will be a problem to pick one as there are 15 shades available, hence I'm sure that everyone would be able to find something that works for them.