Kilig: when a brand gets a makeover

If you’ve been following me for a certain period of time, you probably guessed by now that I am a sucker for nice packaging (and generally, for beautiful looking things). I am ten times happier if my day cream comes in a lovely packaging, if my mug has a nice pattern on it, or if I have clean white towels hanging in my bathroom. I just love that kind of stuff and my long term wish is to get rid of those ‘ugly’ things that I usually store away in my drawers (best example would be old yellow, green, patterned, etc. towels) and don’t really want to use yet I am still not brave enough just get rid of them. So, when beauty products come in nice bottles I always get super excited.

That is why today I wanted to talk about a newly launched brand in Lithuania which is Kilig, which means ‘a pleasant emotional experience. First things first, this is not an ad and it is not sponsored. However, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to this brand because actually, this brand is a major rebranding for three Lithuanian brands that have been with us for years - Rasa, Aras and BIOK - and the end result, I can already say, is beautiful.

So, let’s begin. I got send a couple of products to try out and when I took them out of the box, my mind was blown. They didn’t look anything like old Rasa, Aras or BIOK packaging, but instead, I was surprised with adorable looking packaging that felt very modern and something you’d buy from a higher end brand. For me, it was a good sign already - the brand wants to move on from let’s say, more traditional target group, to cater for younger audiences. Young people these days are all over supporting local brands, so I thought it was a brilliant idea.

On the other hand, if the inside of the product is bad, even the pretty outside isn’t your money. Hence, let me tell you about a these few products that I’ve already tried (it's not all of their range, they have more products!).

Micellar water - probably the easiest of them all, no fuss makeup remover that I like very much. However, it only removes face makeup, so you’ll need something else for your eye makeup. But the skin feels really soft after!

Gentle cleansing foam - as it contains hyaluron, it supposed to be hydrating on the skin, however, the nature of the cleanser as it is foaming, doesn’t allow that. It feels like you’ve cleaned your skin with soap and that is not something that I would ever want to put on my face again. Skip this one if you have dry skin 100%, but I’m not even sure that oily skin should use it anyway.

Vitamin C eye gel - very light serum type of texture eye cream that I use every morning in order to awaken my under eyes. It has a cooling effect which I like and it’s supposed to brighten the area, however, I didn’t notice massive difference on that part.

Firming eye cream - haven’t yet tried this one, but I think it has great potential from what I can read in the description.

Vitamin C regenerating cream - a beautiful texture, leaves the skin very soft and supple. Great for evenings as vitamin C can work its magic during the night to repair and regenerate the skin & you’ll wake up with brightened and soft skin. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Overall, I think this new brand is an absolutely winner considering the design, the products inside and of course, the price. If you skin is picky and you don’t want to risk it, I think buying a micellar water from them would be a great idea as it is affordable, locally produced and let’s all appreciate how cute that pink bottle would look on your bathroom shelf.