hydration and glow from Kiehl's

Recently I got some new bits from one of my favourite skincare brands - Kiehl's. When I opened the package, I was extremely surprised and happy to receive these to items and you'll soon know why.

The first product was a peony scented lipbalm. Do I really need to say more? As you all might already know, I adore peonies and they are my favourite flowers. I have never tried Kiehl's lipbalms before, so I was really curious to see how they feel on the lips. It is very hydrating product, which is always something I look for in lip product and this peony edition has a very bright pink tint, which actually is very pigmented. If you pack it on, the colour can get very full on, so I like to put a little bit on and then smudge on the lips. Then they look very natural as if your lips were this slightly pink colour (mine aren't naturally, so I love it haha!).

Secondly, I got their brand new Glow Formula Skin Hydrator. It is the first makeup/skincare product for them and when I first heard about it from several UK bloggers I follow, I was dying to try it out and I must say, I secretely new that I'm going to like it. These days I am very into glowy skin, no make-up make-up look, so something that gives that extra boost is up my street. This product is no exception. It is a glow boosting primer that gives a lovely sheen on the skin, as if you added some really hydrating cream on and drank loads of water the day before, so the skin is super plumped. What I like the most about it is that it is not glittery and also, it could worn on its own when you don't want to put foundation on, but still don't want to go our bare faced. I need to add a touch of concealer these days as I am quite spotty these days, but that's my personal issue right now!

To round up, I am once again impressed by the new releases, this brand seem to never disappoint. However, now I want to try out their lipbalm that doesn't have a tint to it!
Thank you so much Kiehl's, for this lovely surprise package! x