how to clean and prepare your skin in the evening

Micellar water and toner – Eucerin

When I think about my skin, I always want something that will calm it down since it is sensitive and prone to redness. I wear make up every single day, so just using water isn’t an option and face washes work so much better when they are applied to already make up free skin.

I was introduced to micellar water long time ago and it may sounds weird cause it is probably the simplest skincare product there is, but it is the most essential in my routine. I use it every day to remove my makeup and on those super lazy days, it’s everything I use to clean my face (I know it’s bad, but sometimes it’s just all too much with skincare). My latest addition to micellar water collection was one made by Eucerin, which you can get in almost every pharmacy in Lithuania. What can I say about it? Well, it is simple – this stuff is great. It doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t sting my eyes, it removes make up very well & leaves a fresh feeling on the skin.

In addition to that, I also am using a face toner from Eucerin. I never really used toner before since I didn’t believe in them actually doing anything, but my friend recently told me that it is apparently essential to use one. As her dermatologist explained, it is needed to wipe all the excess face wash and make up away, as well as close your pores and prepare your face for the next steps – serums, moisturizers, eye creams, etc. My pores tend to be clogged and now I figured it might be because I never really used toners in my life. Therefore, I am happy to branch out of my comfort zone and add this step to my skincare routine. The one from Eucerin seems to be very gentle, refreshing and most importantly, not drying on my face. I hate when face washers or makeup removers make my skin tight – worst feeling ever! Anyway, even though I cannot visually see if it prepares my skin for the next steps, but I feel that it this combination does my skin good as it is looking very nice and I am breaking out less these days.

I hope you enjoyed a little introduction to some of my skincare steps and I’ll be sure to write more posts like this.