Glossier: the pretty little pink stuff - yay or nay?

If you are into beauty blogging and you haven’t heard about a Glossier, you probably have been living under a rock. It’s a US beauty brand created by Emily Weiss, who is also the creator of a famous website Into The Gloss. Glossier is all about natural makeup, feeling good in your own skin and also, I feel they are about striping back on products we put on our faces, so some of them are very multi-functional and great to use for different things! Unfortunately, Glossier doesn’t ship to Europe except for UK (it was very recent addition as well!), which is a shame, but I am lucky enough to have friends in the US who gladly brought some of the glorious goodies for me to Lithuania. I guess we need to start talking about the actual products, right?

Milky Jelly Cleanser - I love this product! I cannot imagine myself, or anyone not liking it though. My skin is quite sensitive, so I need simple products that won’t irritate my face and this cleanser hits the spot. Cleans, leaves the skin soft & there's 0 feeling of dryness. Score!

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - This is a detox mask that is supposed to calm your skin and balance out the pores. I like putting this on a Sunday evening, or after road trips, or holidays when I feel like that my skin is a bit ‘dirty’. Not in a literal way, but especially after eating loads of carbs, or before that time of the month, I feel like it helps it to calm down and the day after it looks so much better. I usually follow with a moisturizing mask after, so that my skin would get that hydration boost after. Hence, I need the Moisturising Moon Mask from Glossier now. Whoops.

Cloud Paint in Haze and Dusk - This is a lush product. That’s about it, haha. I absolutely adore these blushes and the fact that you can literally mix them like paints to get your unique blush shade. How cool is that? (that’s why I need the other two shades that Glossier does…) Dusk is a very brown sort of shade, which adds a bit of contour to your face while Haze is a very berry color that instantly lifts your face. I love mixing them together to get a more natural look.

Stretch Concealer in Medium - This is a godsend, I swear. I recently took just this concealer for my trip to Italy and it served me so well. It looks very natural, but still helps with redness, an odd spot here and there and of course, the under eye bags. However, it is not a very heavy duty product and I must admit, my skin needed just a little help to conceal redness, not much else, so if you are looking for a natural looking concealer and you don’t have major skin issues, this is your guy!

Generation G in cake - This one actually was a present for my bestie, but I wanted to include it anyway. I read that it is a very simple lipstick that looks natural on the lips, which is always a good thing in my books, so I think if I wore lipstick (I usually don’t), I would really like it. The packaging is very cute and small, so fits perfectly not only into your handbag but into your pocket as well!

All in all, I hope you like this short review of a couple of products from Glossier & I am sure I’ll be buying more of their stuff, I am so eager to try everything (& the packaging is just too beautiful not to have them on Instagram haha.)