fragrance of the moment

If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I have been a fan of niche fragrances. I say, ‘niche’, but what I have in mind are actually Dyptique and Byredo fragrances. Hardcore perfume fanatics would say that these brands almost don’t qualify to be called that, but in my eyes, they are bit more different than your average Armani, YSL, or Dolce. However, I’m not saying that the latter are bad, I’ve loved my Chanel Chance eu Tendre & it will always have a spot in my collection.
Anyway, so since June last year, I’ve been wearing Gypsy Water by Byredo and as it is half way empty, I thought I might have to look for a new scent from them, or Dyptique, or maybe even my beloved Jo Malone. That was until I was invited to attend an event hosted by L’Occitane.

L’Occitane for me was always a brand that smells of cherry blossom and the place for hand cream, but I never really thought too much about their fragrance offering. As you might have guessed, that changed a few weeks ago after the event. I was introduced to every single scent that they do and I got to pick my favorite! To be totally honest, I didn’t think I would absolutely love anything and that it could replace my Gypsy Water. Well, I did fall in love with a fragrance & it did replace my Byredo.

The fragrance in question is from their classic collection - Ambre. “An oriental fragrance which marries the sweetness of vanilla with a bouquet of bergamot, freesia and cedar.”
It is such a warm scent, I absolutely adore it for the winter months. It also stays on your skin for longer as it is eau de parfum.

I know that I will swap my choice of perfume in summer, probably, but I am for sure going to keep Ambre in my collection. It was such a wonderful surprise!

Lastly, L’Occitane ladies talked a lot about how to make perfume stay longer on your body, so the first and best tip was to keep your skin hydrated! If you skin is dry, perfume particles don’t have anything to cling on to, so they fade quicker. The second tip, would be to layer scents. It’s not always possible, but if you can, get a show gel and body lotion, or hand cream from the same line as your fragrance. Scent layering is the key for the staying power of perfume.
However, if the mentioned products are not possible, then you just need to use a simple lotion with a neutral scent. I never thought about it before, so it was a very useful event indeed, and I hope you enjoyed this post as well!