christmas is coming: Kapten & Son

watch - Kapten & Son

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought to myself – why not to start thinking about gifts? For a lot of people it is a season of anxiety - you gotta buy presents for so many people, you want to make it special + all the shops are super crowded, so it can really get too much. Don’t you agree?

I on the other hand, love al the madness in December and buying presents for other people are one of my favourites thing to do but I do agree that it is not easy to be creative and thoughtful. However, I think that there are some things that are timeless, would suit everyone and there is absolutely no wrong in choosing that ‘safe option’ to make somebody happy this Christmas.

One of those pieces is a watch. There are so many brands these days, it’ hard to keep up, to be honest with you. You all probably know that I’ve been a fan of Daniel Wellington watches for the past four years probably and I still am, but it was high time I got an upgrade.

Kapten & Son is probably one of the most versatile brands out there since they have every type of strap; both white and black dial colours as well as different choice of hardware. How cool is that? After you invest in one watch, you can have many different variations of it and for someone like me who loves to change things up in my outfits.

My watch is in classic white dial colour with rose gold hardware and grey leather strap. I really like it and it is a bit different from everything that I had before. Lastly, I wanted to capture the packaging of the watch because I was truly amazed by it – loved the hand written message and the box. It could literally – a very special thoughtful present for your loved one.