capsule wardrobe essentials: the white shirt

When I think about capsule wardrobe, no matter if it's summer or winter edition, one thing that seems to be inevitable to have is a shirt. To be precise, a white shirt.

It is such a simple piece, one could say & could even be considered as nothing special at all, yet I have a completely different opinion. Even though, it is very simple, once you pair it with something like jeans and the right shoes, for example, the whole outfit instantly feels very elevated. If you have a few buttons opened, shirt half tucked, sleeves rolled up, it will look very casual but elegant at the same time (basically described the outfit in the pictures, but I actually did feel quite elegant and also very comfortable in my clothes!). So, a few reasons why you need asap:

I really feel like having a well cut white shirt in your wardrobe is a great idea and it is one of those pieces that can save you from the usual morning 'ihavenothingtowear' panic moment.

My white shirt is actually the one that I got for my boyfriend and it is from Uniqlo. I absolutely love the material, it feels very well made and it wasn't expensive at all (I got it from a thrift shop, but Uniqlo is not a very pricey brand either).
I love how structured it is and the length is perfect for me to wear it as a long cardigan, or tuck it in if I wanted to. I do also own my own white shirt, which is more summery as it is very light and a bit see through. That one is rarely worn during the winter season, but I love how this one from Uniqlo is equally great for both seasons. If you only ha ve the budget for one, I think it is definitely better to get a more structured and thicker one as it can be dressed down rather easily, in my opinion.

Let's see if I make this type of posts a more regular thing as I am trying to transition my wardrobe to a more capsule one.

photography: Lina Jushke for LAMU SLENIS