blogger life: the outside, the behind the scenes, working with brands & making a living

skirt - Instict | top - Zara | bag - Indigo textile | sunglasses - Free People | straw hat - H&M |

Hey lovelies,

recently there have been a little shake up in Lithuania's blogger world when one girl, who I believe is studying or studies fashion marketing & branding, decided to state her opinion about bloggers and how they work. She was the inspiration behind this post, so here we go.

First, I would like to state that I don't blog for a living. I have a full time job in an IT firm that provides digital advertising services, so I'm at work 9-6 Monday to Friday. In winter time it meant that the only time I could shoot anything for my blog was during the weekends. During that time I also have cleaning, cooking for the week, ironing stuff to do + I wanna be social and meet my friends. It gets quite hectic. So essentially what I do is leave my outfit shoots for the weekend and then go out or capture my day-to-day life during the week. Here comes a lot of cute pictures of coffee - well, mostly because I drink a lot of it. Having said all of this, I really enjoy blogging and preparing content for you guys, so that's why I carry on and don't have much free time in general - my blog takes it all up but I love it.

Second, let's talk about how my outings during the weekend look like. I usually pack a bunch of stuff in my bag and then I meet my friends for coffee or food. Since I have a new food column on my blog, nobody is allowed to eat until I take the perfect shot with my DSLR camera & my iPhone. Then, while others start enjoying their food I take out a bunch of lipsticks, nail polishes, accessories, etc. the list goes on that I either purchased myself and adore or have been sent from brands to try out. The shooting for the 'perfect product placement' begins. After I've done that I can finally enjoy my drinks or food that most of the time are cold already. Saying all of this, just wanna remind you that there's very little glam left behind every Instagram picture. It's true with almost every blogger, but not everyone talks about.

Thirdly, since I've mentioned PR samples, let's dig into working with brands. It's very easy to get caught up in this 'blogger mail' kind of world where you are sent or offered a lot and you start to lose yourself. Or, simply you're getting all those nasty comments like "good for you, you've got it for free", "maybe go and ask for it for free?, "oh, bloggers only show a product once and that's about it". I get where those people are coming from but in my defence, it's not always easy to work with brands. They can get quite bossy and want to edit your content, they can also be rude and expect you to post fives times in a short amount of time when they only gave you one product. I don't want to sound spoilt, but I try to keep my content very varied. That is why I don't like to spam my Instagram with pictures from the same shoot but taken from different angles. Hence, sometimes when I only get one item from the brand (let's say, a t-shirt) I don't want to post outfits with them every other day or every week even. In my opinion, that's boring but correct me if I'm wrong. It varies with items of course, I bet you all know by now that I love my Daniel Wellington watch. I worked with that brand three times and I wear it every single day. Same would go for a lipstick or nail polish, but it gets trickier with clothing. I guess that is one thing to learn for me in the future - how not to spam my readers yet show them that I wear certain brands almost every day.

Finally to wrap things up, I think that blogging should be considered a job and despite that I am officially blogging for almost five years now, I believe I've only really started this year. I've learnt so much, I've researched loads and I try to maintain a certain theme and write about interesting things. I really hope that more and more people start to see bloggers as trendsetters, lifestyle gurus and understand the processes that happen behind the scenes. I do it because I love it and I will keep going no matter what people say, but it's still quite heart breaking to know that many people think we just take two or three pictures a day, post them on Instagram and then get hundreds of brand collaboration e-mails. That isn't even a slightest bit true.

I really hope I can start a conversation going in the comments, maybe I've missed something or you just simply want to express your own opinion. Please don't be shy! xx