BIG news from Lancôme #makeitbig

Lancôme is a brand that always surprises with its launches, campaigns and in the end, the advertised product. On the one hand, I consider myself lucky to get to try their stuff, on the other hand, it is a curse to try really amazing stuff that is bloody expensive!

This summer, Lancôme has decided to go blod and big with they launch, which focuses on eyeliner, eyebrow product and, of course, a mascara. The first thing that I tried was the latter, obviously, as I cannot go a day in my daily make up routine, without a mascara. Monsieur Big - as Lancôme themselves suggest - is bound to give full, lengthy and bold lashes, which it does and I bloody love it! It is the second Lancôme mascara that I fell in love with. It has quite a big brush, but it doesn't make it difficult to apply the product, I personally don't get it all over my eyelids and that for me, happens quite often! It is also not very wet formula, which I adore as it helps with not getting the product on my eyelids - I used Maybelline The Rocket before and YSL the Shock, which had to dry out a little to make the application easier. All in all, this mascara is my new love!

Next up, the eyebrow crayon thing. My first thoughts - it is very weird formula and application. you have to fill in the brows and then blend them out with a brush. I must say, that doesn't work for me. What I do is fill my brows and then brush them with a spoolie, that routine gives a very natural looking brow. As a fellow blogger Darja mentioned, this product is not the one to give you a defined eyebrow shape by no means. However, I do really like light and natural looking makeup, so for me, this is very easy, 1 minute kind of product application, which gives fills my sparse brows and gives them a natural looking "definition". Really like this product, but I already can tell that I will use it up quite quickly, so it might not be one I repurchase after finishing it.

Lastly, the eyeliner marker. I have to admit - I haven't tried this product and I am not sure if I do. For me, eyeliner is something that requires a lot of time and effort + I still might fail with the application and have to remove it all to start again, so I just don't do it. However, this one looks like an easy one as it is bulky and literally looks like a marker - somehow I think thaat kind of wand is going to help you achieve the perfect cateye, I hope I am not wrong here.

That's it for today, I really enjoyed creating this post as I am always challenged to shoot beautiful pictures of the products, which I hope I managed to do here. Look out for a new outfit post next week!

eyeliner marker, eyebrow crayon, mascara - Lancôme