beauty routine: what's on my bedside table

Raise your hand if your bed side table contents sometimes (or always) require constant reogranization and some sort of storage as there are not 1, not two, but more than three things displayed? I know I am raising my hand, haha. I love this little routine just before bed as it gets me in the mood for sleep and relaxation. Today I wanted to talk about that process and beauty products that are usually more or less involved in it.

To start with, I have to put on some sort of lipbalm before I go to bed, it has become a big habit of mine. I use many different brands starting from EOS to Avon, but for the night time I want something that is heavy duty and will lock in some moisture even for the morning. That is the reason I adore Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. However, I must say - it's not light and I have no idea why they named it that way. On the contrary, it is a thick, heavy oil that coats the lips and leaves them very soft and nourished the next day. What's not to love?

The next thing I do is actually a new addition to my routine because it is a new product. Origins has released Three Part Harmony Tri-Phase Essence Lotion, which is supposed to a multitasking product that helps with dull & dry skin. For me personally, it was such a surprise to try it and realise that this toner is actually not drying but rather moisturizing. Most of the other toners I have either feel a bit drying, or simply just feel wet on the, but this one is a completely different story. The main ingredient is Tazetta Lily Bulb, which is supposed to hel with skin renewal, repairement and restore its radiance. All of that just sounds like a dream to me, so I've been using it every single evening (but you can use it both in the AM and PM, evening is just my personal preference).

Following up on my routine, I put on eye-cream. This is a new product for me as well since I was never into eye creams and I didn't think I needed to use one. However, my friend actually told me that it is extremely important to take care of your under eyes as she was instructed by her dermatologist. I was lucky enough to receive a new eye cream from Origins along with the lotion, so I jumped to the opportinity of trying it out.
It's also, from the same Three Part Harmony range and it is actually a day/night cream duo with a thick one for the night and a lighter one for the morning. I obviously, use the thicker one in the evening & it is super hydrating. I learned that I have to first warm it up between my fingers and then apply it because it has this texture that sinks in much better when it's a bit warm if that makes sense. As the main ingredient for the cream is also, the Tazetta Lily Bulb, it helps with the renewal of skin youthfulness (thumbs up for those undereyes!) & leaves the skin awake and vibrant with the healthy glow. I love the morning one as well since it kind of wakes up my undereys, hydrates them, but it's very lighweight and oil-free, so it doesn't mess up my makeup, which is always a big plus.

The last step, I moisturize my body. It is extremely important for me not to forget this step because my skin tends to get very dry in autumn and winter time. Recently I bought a body cream from &Other Stories and I really like it. The smell is amazing & the hydration boost is also noticeable, so it is perfect for me. I am not picky with body creams, however, so as long as they sink in easily, smell good and moisturise - they are fine with me!

To summarize my routine, I just want to add that I stil try to fill out my Q&A 5 year journal. I think I have one year, or couple of years to write into it and then it's gonna be finished. This concept is really interesting for me as it allows to remember my thoughts on the same topics in the past few years and sometimes what I see there is sooo shocking to read because my life has changed quite a bit.

I hope you enjoyed this post & see you soon!