beauty corner: the best for travelling

I haven't had a holiday in around half a year and all I can think about are new places, new locations for outfits shooting, new coffee shops to try various types of coffee and of course, packing my suitcases for such (imaginery for now) trips. I am always on a 100% panic mode that my luggage will be too heavy and all my liquids will be thrown away by airport staff. Don’t ask me why, but it’s just how my brain works. So, during those moments, I always tend to look for multi-tasking products that can do a lot of things and also, products that are quite versatile but are compact. That’s when palettes come in handy - don’t you agree?

First, I would like to start with the one that contains a product almost all of us use - concealer. Maybelline has released a colour correcting palette that has almost every shade for perfecting the colour of your skin. Green - for redness; yellow for brightness; the actual concealer for your face + a highlighter for making sure you show off those cheekbones! The pigmentation of this palette could really be better I think, but for light touches during holidays and generally people with quite good skin and just a few imperfections - it would work wonders. The packaging isn’t my favourite here though, I don’t like the plasticky box as it looks really cheap and it might fall apart after a few flights. However, it is a budget option, not MAC professional palettes, so the price at 15 euros is not very high for so many products in one small box.

Secondly, Maybelline didn’t stop there, so a bright coloured lip palette landed on my lap as well. Mine is in the shade Crimson Vixen that is with red based colours. This new product claims to have it all - a lip base, various shades for contouring the outer corners as well as filling in the whole lip + highlighting for a fuller lip effect. I really like the concept and that it is all in one place + various shades of red that I can select from. Lipsticks are usually a difficult choice for me to pack, I never know if I brought enough or too many. Having this palette at hand would definitely make it much easier and more convenient.
Now let’s get back to the actual product, shall we? The lip base helps the lipstick to glide on smoother, the brush is provided with the palette - score - you won’t have to bring your own as this one is pretty decent. The lipsticks are well pigmented and I like the touch of highlighter that is available to add to the middle of your lips for a wow effect! Also, ombre lips is possible with this palette and so many different combinations would be available to wear while it weighs so little and doesn’t take up too much space in the makeup bag. I say it is a winner as a concept for your makeup collection but I personally would pick Blushed Bombshell shade as it is more me - pinky, nude and brown kind of tones that I love and wear so much more than reds.

That’s my big ramble about palettes and travelling all over, I hope you enjoyed and let’s meet again next week! x