beauty corner: protect your skin with Kiehls

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Hey there!

To mark the fact that it has been raining a lot these days, I've decided to do a skincare post with a focus on SPF. Just kidding, I've been meaning to talk sun protection for a long time and it just happened to be published in the middle of rain week. Whoops.

First of all, I believe that people and especially girls underestimate the power of the sun. Yes, tanned legs look thinner and tanned skin looks more radiant and glowy. However, direct skin exposure to sun can be very damaging and aging to our skin. That's why I've decided to use SPF at least on my face every single day throughout the year. I don't want to get wrinkles sooner rather than later and I truly believe that this step in my skincare might actually help. There are many articles online with pictures on how our face looks like with and without SPF on - the difference is so huge and so scary.

So, most of my Lithuanian should have heard by now that Kiehls finally opened a store in Lithuania. It was a very lovely opening and I was super happy to know that more and more worldwide brands are coming to our little country. You should all go there and have a free skin consultation, all the staff are super experienced and they really know what they're doing.
I've been advised to use SPF and I was also given some samples of their best sellers to try out.

Let me tell you - I have tried at least three SPFs and they were all very heavy and clogged my pores. The one from Kiehls is a very light texture cream, which sinks in pretty quickly, which is always a plus. I put it on as my last step in the morning routine and then put make up. I must admit that without it my skin feels lighter but it is nothing compared to a heavy formulas that I've tried before.

Lastly, since I've used the other products for a month approximately I might as well state my opinion.
Midnight Recovery Concentrate is magic in a bottle for me. No, it doesn't remove my blackheads. No, it doesn't shrink my pores to 0. No, it hasn't made my skin perfect. However, it does something that I cannot really describe. I would say it has calming properties, which are highly appreciated every single months when I break out like crazy. I use it in the evening and every morning I wake up with a plump skin that is not red (it is one my biggest skin concerns) and irritated. After I wash my face in the morning, I do use Daily Reviving Concentrate if I want extra glow and hydration. even though it is an oil, my make up looks very good and I don't look greasy or shiny. I have to powder my face after 5-6 hours of wearing make up, which I think is pretty amazing.
Ultra facial cream is the one thing that I didn't find as amazing as I thought it would be. Since I'm using an oil both in the morning and evening, I don't really need another heavy-ish cream to top it all off, so I guess that it won't be something I would reach for (and I honestly haven't) very often.

That is it for today, I hope you liked my thoughts on these products. Just remember one thing - at least always protect your face by using SPF even when it's a cloudy day outside. You'll thank me later! x