beauty corner: pamper yo'self

Hello again lovelies,

today I'm back with something a little different from my usual posts. I decided to introduce a beauty corner here on my blog. I'm not sure what this is going to be exactly but we'll see how it goes. I'll start today with a little pamper session that I like to do every now and again.

So, the first thing I usually do is get into a bath. I looove Lush for bath bombs, I haven't tried anything better - they always make loads of bubbles, the bathroom smells amazing and your skin feels so soft after you've had a bath. The ones I have right now is 'sex bomb' and a leftover from Christmas - 'peeping santa'. I cannot wait to use them!
While I'm in the bath, I like to scrub all of my body with this sea salt scrub from PUPA. It is quite a tough one - the salt bits are big and chunky, but they are not abrasive at all. I get all the dead skin off super quick and my body feels very soft.

While I'm soaking my body in bubbles I usually put on a hair or face mask. I might to a separate post on my hair care routine since I've dyed my hair recently and it has changed completely. This time, I wanted to mention Skincode essentials pore refining mask that I got to try. It is a clay mask, so it is a bit drying but I like nonetheless. I can say that my pores look a little smaller after I've used it, but other than that I just love the ritual of putting a mask on, then taking it off and feeling super fresh afterwards.

Finally, I like to use a body cream to keep moisturised. I've bought this new Dove Derma Spa body oil recently because I was really interested in the way it looked. It really reminded me the Body shop bronze oil and Nuxe shimmery body oil that are so amazing for summer time to keep your legs beautiful and moisturised. It is actually very nice - the scent is lovely, my legs were glowing and very soft.
However, if I fancy for something more subtle I usually choose this sugar scented body lotion, which I bought from &Other Stories some time ago. It sinks in super quickly, smells absolutely divine and looks very cute on my bathroom shelf.

That's it for today, I hope you liked this post and I've inspired you to take some time off to pamper yourself. Believe me, you'll definitely feel so much better after. xx