beauty corner: lancome energie de vie

Happy Thursday!

Let's talk some beauty today, shall we?

Lancôme has recently launched a new skincare line - Énergie de vie. It is all about the new type of hydration, which is very light and very Asian inspired. They have a liquid moisturiser, a sleeping mask and a pearly lotion to offer and I was lucky enough to try two of the products.

So, let's begin! First, let me tell you that my skin is normal and a bit dehydrated with an oilier t-zone than the rest of my face.

Liquid moisturiser was the thing that I was the most excited about because I simply have never tried anything liked that. To be honest with you, I didn't think it would be enough to hydrate my skin in the morning. I have never been so wrong. That stuff is so perfect for those sleepy mornings when you're half asleep even though you've just washed your face. Since the moisturiser has Lemon balm & Goji berry extract in it, it is very fresh and zingy, which makes it super refreshing to use. I only needed two pumps of the liquid to moisturise my whole face and my skin felt really great afterwards.

Secondly, about the mask. It's supposed to be a sleeping mask, but I heard people using it as a moisturiser as well. I guess it all depends on your skin. For me personally, I think it would be a bit too heavy to use during the day so I left it for my evening routine. Instead of using my usual moisturiser I would just use this mask and I would wake up with super plump skin in the morning. Who wouldn't love that?

However, Lancôme claims these products will make you look more awake and hide the tiredness of skin but I cannot really agree with that. I haven't noticed anything super significant in that department but I can definitely say that the scent of this line will make you feel very much awake, that's for sure.

All in all, I think that this line is great for girls on the go since it is so lightweight and it takes seconds for both products to sink in - no need to wait in order to apply your make up. I also really like the fact that the moisturiser is liquid, it's something new to me and I fell in love with the idea.