beauty corner: L'Oreal lip paints

As always, L'Oreal hooked me up with some new releases from their range. Probably, like most girls, I own way too many lipsticks, lip glosses and other lip related stuff, but I just can't help it - even though I don't wear them most days, it makes me so happy to know that I have the option to wear a red lip, moreover, to choose between various shades and textures of it!

So, this time I got to try their newly released lip paints. They have Lacquer and Matte versions, which I really like since you can buy the texture that fits your needs the best. Since I got one nude shade and it was the matte one, obviously, that was the one I put on my lips straight away. I must admit, it's not as matte as you'd expect from a matte lipstick. The texture is really interesting, the best description of it would be - moussy. I remember trying Oriflame lipsticks that were called Mousse something and these lip paints from L'Oreal are something very similar to that! For me personally, it's a good thing because it didn't dry out my lips and the wqear was a bit longer than if I was to use a simple nude lipgloss.

For the red shade, it was the same texture (sometimes textures differ between shades, which I find rather annoying) & I really liked the colour. However, since it is not very matte, I would probably choose another formula for such shade. I have a fear of smearing lipstick on my face, so if I wear a dark shade, I prefer it to be as matte as possible.

Lastly, the Lacquer version of the lip paint is quite scary for me. Why? Well, it is bright pink & I'd be terrified to look like a clown if I forgot I am wearing it haha! However, I must say that the pigmentation of it is phenominal. It is a true lip paint and it wears for a long time, which I feel is two really good things about a shiny lip product. I do believe I could lose my fear over wearing bright coloured lipsticks with this one since it is not too annoying in terms of reapplicaiton time and opacity.

A beauty ramble over, I hope you enjoyed reading it & let's all go out and my ourselves yet another lipstick that we will not wear 80% of the time, but it will still help us feel more fabulous!