beauty corner: L'Oreal Gold Obsession

Every year a beauty brand brings out something that is talked about all over the Internet and it gets sold out in a blink of an eye. Most often than not, those brands are luxury ones and not everybody is able to afford it. However, in recent years, high street brands have started to release exciting new products & organise hot press event for them.

L’Oreal Paris is a company that probably created at least 50% of products on our bathroom shelves, so it’s not surprise that they were the ones to set a high standard for such new cool high street products. Gold Obsession is a line that was introduced by us online, in magazines & in a event exclusively for press. If you haven’t heard about that gold lipstick, then you must be living under rock. So, today I wanted to share my thoughts on these products since I was also among those lucky ones who were able to try the product before it launched.

Let’s start with the lipsticks. I have owned a L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick before and I really liked the formula. It was a comfortable to wear, nude lipstick, so it was used often. The three new colours in Gold Obsession range are something different.

• Pure Gold Obsession: this is something I wouldn’t wear every day and to be honest with you, I would a party very carefully to put this on my lips. It’s a straight up gold colour as the name suggests, but I think I will try to get some use out of it this holiday season. It can look very nice layered on another lipstick, which would be a more wearable. All in all, lovely formula, great application, but I wouldn’t buy it myself just because I’m not THAT adventurous with makeup so it would just be worn once or twice a year and that’s not good enough for me.
• Rose Gold Obsession: I wore this almost everyday to work as soon as I got it. It’s a rosy shade with gold speckles running through it. No, it doesn’t look as scary it sounds. It shines beautifully & it can definitely be worn to the office or to a Christmas party. My verdict – hell yeah to this one! Great colour shade, good pigmentation and lovely finish.
• Nude Gold Obsession: a nude lipstick needs to be in everyone’s makeup up if it’s the right nude shade, am I right, ladies? This one as well has a great pigmentation and gold shimmer running through it but somehow it works and looks beautiful on the lips. Definite favourite for everyday.

Lastly, there was a colour riche lip palette in nude shade. I’ve been seeing the red version of it on other blogs, so I was jumping from excitement when I saw that it was indeed in nude in my parcel. I don’t wear bright coloured lipsticks often, so it meant that I could wear this one at least 10 times more! I really like the concept of lip palettes – it’s such a great way to mix that perfect shade for you & I’m glad high street brands are bringing this to the market. Not everyone can afford Mac lip palettes, so if you always wanted one – go a pick up L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette cause the quality doesn’t disappoint. However, I must say that it is also not the cheapest one out there – I wish it was a tad more affordable considering it’s not luxury makeup.

That’s it my loves, I promise an outfit post next week so stay tuned! x

*PR samples